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Medical Assistant - Oxford

Ashland, Mississippi
Work Type: Full Time

Position:         Medical Assistant (CMA or MA)


Summary:       The incumbent renders professional medical assistant care to patients within the clinic facility, in support of medical care as directed by the Medical Provider under the supervision of the Chief Nursing Officer pursuant to the objectives and policies of NMPHC.


Essential Job Functions:

  1. Performs medical assistant techniques for the comfort and well being of the patients.
  2. Assures treatment rooms are adequately prepared and supplied.
  3. Prepares equipment and assists physician or nurses as directed during treatment and examination of the patient.
  4. Observes patients’ reactions to medications and treatment as directed by the Provider.
  5. Changes or assists the Provider in changing dressing and cleaning wounds or incisions.
  6. Observes, records, and reports patient’s condition and reaction to drugs, treatments and significant incidents.
  7. Aids in maintaining patients’ medical records by recording vitals as assigned by the Chief Nursing Officer.
  8. Observes the emotional stability of patients and prepares them for continuing care.
  9. Explains procedures and treatments ordered by the Providers.
  10. Assists laboratory personnel as needed to perform Provider ordered lab tests as permitted by documented training.
  11. Coordinates various tests available to the patient which are sent to a reference laboratory.
  12. Responsible for ensuring abnormal findings are forwarded directly to the attention of the Medical Provider.
  13. Assists and provides logistical support to providers.
  14. Performs routine maintenance such cleaning and lubricating equipment as permitted by documented training.
  15. Assists in the preparation of daily and monthly logs as assigned by the Chief Nursing Officer and as permitted by documented training.
  16. Assists in the inventory of expendables and the ordering of medical supplies as assigned by the Chief Nursing Officer.
  17. Performs other duties as assigned by the Medical Provider or Chief Nursing Officer as permitted by documented training authorized by the Chief Medical Officer.


Marginal Responsibilities

  1. Attend in-service, classes, workshops, meetings and seminars as scheduled.
  2. Maintain professionalism in appearance, communications, and interactions with others.
  3. Notifies supervisor/clinic in a timely manner if unable to attend work.  Fill out the appropriate forms as directed for annual/sick leave time.
  4. Participate in health fairs or other programs assigned by the Chief Executive Officer.
  5. Other reasonable duties as assigned by the Chief Executive Officer.

Work Location:

All NMPHC Centers as assigned by the Chief Nursing Officer and/or the Chief Executive Officer.


            On the job training with appropriate clinical experience and/or training.  Must be capable of working in the prescribed setting and possess good interpersonal skills to function independently as needed for good patient care/service and teamwork.  Must be able to demonstrate skills necessary to perform the above described job function and be approved by the Chief Medical Officer to perform necessary tasks and/or duties.  The Medical Assistant must possess clerical skills necessary for documentation in the patient record.

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