Front Office

Patient check-out receptionist- OXFORD

Oxford, Mississippi
Work Type: Full Time

North Mississippi Primary Health Care, Inc.

Job Description

            The office receptionist is the first to greet patients, make appointments, and register patients for their encounter with the health center along with handling checkouts.  The job involves good verbal and written communication skills, computer data entry skills, organizing, following policies and procedures and the handing of clinic funds.

Essential Job Functions:

  1.  Greets patients friendly and courteously, makes appointments and registers patients for their encounter with the health center using established policies and procedures.
  2. Answers incoming phone calls and routes them accordingly and/or schedules appointments for patients via phone.
  3. Checks patient in and makes sure the chart (paper or electronic) contains the correct up-to-date information and all the necessary forms as outlined by policy and makes sure they are present in the chart.
  4. Verifies income for sliding fee patients and checks the status of Medicaid, Medicare, and Private Insurance prior to patient visit.
  5. Checks out patients by entering appropriate information into the computer, determining the amount owed, and collecting payments; printing out receipts and making return appointments as required.
  6. Filing/refiling of patient charts.
  7. Complete a daily cash receipt log and reconciles it with the daily computer printout.
  8. Complete a daily deposit slip.
  9. Submit all required information daily to the Chief Financial Officer’s office.
  10. Participate in chart and index audits as requested.

Marginal Responsibilities

A.        Attend in-service, classes, workshops, meetings and seminars as scheduled.

B.        Maintain professionalism in appearance, communications, and interactions with others.

C.        Notifies supervisor/clinic in a timely manner if unable to attend work.  Fill out the       appropriate forms as directed for annual/sick leave time.
D.        Participate in health fairs or other programs assigned by the Practice Manager.
E.         Other reasonable duties as assigned by the Chief Executive Officer.

Work Location:

All front office personnel are hired with a primary site in mind; however, they are inter-office trained to work at all NMPHC sites as needed on a fill-in basis.  All front office personnel can be re-assigned by the Practice Manager to any NMPHC site.

            Must have good verbal and written communication skills and efficient with computer skills.


Based on experience and at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer with the consent of the Board Personnel Committee.

Staff Supervised:


            Direct: Practice Manager
            Indirect:  Chief Financial Officer
Physical Demands

See attached.

            Non-Exempt employee

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